Omega Type Foundry

24 November, 2021

Did you think I would only make monospaced fonts forever? :)

Since when I launched Tabular Type Foundry, I have always intended to make a separate home for non-monospaced typefaces. Today, I am launching a new foundry today called Omega Type Foundry which will be hosted at I Love Typography.

I have a few reasons for the name: Omega is a cool letter, the name sounds kind of like my surname, and I will get to have TTF and OTF (coincidentally T and O are my initials). There is an Indonesian foundry called Letter Omega, to whom I asked if they would mind my new foundry name; thankfully they were fine with it (they have cool typefaces on the shelf. Do theck them out).

These two are the launch typefaces:


Platia is a display slab serif based on Hellenic Wide, which is a subcategory of wide slab serifs. I always liked the luxurious look of the letter proportion and curly details, but at the same time felt that the details could be more elegant and more consistent. For example, the uniform stroke ending at the tails and arms offers a more modern approach to the uniforrmity of uppercase and lowercase. Platia is available in Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic and nine weights. More design info here.


Klaket is a Ruqah typeface with properly slanted baselines, inspired by vintage Egyptian film posters that were mostly drawn in the Ruqah style. Unlike other OpenTypq Ruqah, it has kerning; it sounds unimpressive that a font has kerning, but it’s harder than you might initially think considering the fact that the letters fo up and down. Its bold monolinear design is paird with a Latin slab serif. More design info here.

It might be a bit weird to basically split my library by styles. Until the day I agree and do something about that, please enjoy and look forward to more fonts in both foundries!