Metro Nova stylistic sets


My new typeface Metro Nova is currently experiencing great amount of discount on Myfonts, Linotype, and Normal family price is $1,147, but it’s only $99 now. If you haven’t got it yet, then what are you doing?

I realised that in the official PDF specimen, there was no description of stylistic set & alternate features, which should have been the most important part in my opinion. So I made my own list of it. Why not just update the official specimen? Good question.

Download Metro Nova stylistic set PDF

In this PDF, I don’t explain how to activate stylistic sets or alternates because I assume you know it (just google something like ‘OpenType how to’ if you don’t).

I know many of you may feel that the curly lowercase e might be uncomfortable to read in a long text and want to switch e only. Activate the set 6 and you’ll be happy. Also, as demonstrated in the official specimen, you can play around with the stylistic sets to imitate ‘true italic’.

Please have fun with the sets and find your own combination!